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Sinister 6 (US)

Next mind-blowing Alpine car

The BMW Sinister Six based on a BMW 645 convertible is so highly modified that it barely resembles its origins. The entire interior and exterior of the car were completely custom-built in house at the Alpine R&D facility over the course of five months. This was by far the most aggressive and challenging project ever completed by the Alpine’s Application R&D Team of Steve Brown, Gary Bell and Glen Swackhamer.

How do you get in?” That’s usually the first question anyone asks when they see an Alpine demo car. The Sinister Six utilizes a very unique system of motors allowing entry into the vehicle – the top moves back, and the entire seat assembly rotates 90 degrees.

Featuring 11 PDX Amplifiers and 4 Type-X 12” subwoofers, a unique aspect of the car is that the subwoofers are actually outside the car.


Build-in Products:

  • PDX-1.1000 – Mono Amplifier
  • PDX-4.150 – 4-Channel Amplifier
  • PDX-2.150 – 2-Channel Amplifier
  • PKG-1000 – Rear Seat Entertainment Package (Monitor Only)
  • DVA-5210 – DVD Player
  • NVE-N872A – DVD Navigation System
  • KCE-422i – iPod® Full-Speed Cable
  • VPA-B222 – Vehicle Hub Pro, OEM Integration System
  • PXA-H701 – Digital Processor
  • SPX-107R – 4" Component 2-Way Speaker Set
  • SPX-17MB – Mid-Bass Kit
  • SWX-1242D – 12" Subwoofer
  • TUA-T500HD – HD Radio Tuner
  • Sirius SIR-ALP10T – Radio & Traffic Receiver