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Mini Speedster (US)

The best MINI Cooper ever – the Speedster
Starting with a 2003 Mini Cooper S, this awesome vehicle showcases the latest in Alpine technology, as well as the best workmanship that the Alpine installation crew could offer. With no less than seven months and 4000 hours of labour, Alpine’s Application R&D Team of Steve Brown and Mike Vu created this masterpiece.
The whole concept of this vehicle is to be a Speedster.  A vehicle with no doors, the driver sits on a seat that motors five feet out the rear of the car then back in again.
The motorised seat assembly also contains two 12” Type X subwoofers porting directly into the driver’s back, vented through the custom plexi-glass seat.
It promptly received two top awards at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – Best of Show for both People’s Choice and Editor’s Choice.

Build-in Products:

  • 1x CDA-9835 – CD/MP3/WMA/Receiver
  • 1x DHA-S680 – 6-Disc DVD Changer
  • 1x DVA-5210 – DVD/MP3/Player
  • 1x NVE-N852A – USA Only Navigation System
  • 1x PXA-H701 – Dolby Digital/DTS Audio Processor
  • 1x RUX-C701 – Digital Media Controller (controls PXA-H701)
  • 6x TME-M580 – 5.8” Widescreen Monitors
  • 2x MRD-M1001 – AccuClass-D V12 Digital Mono Power Amplifiers
  • 2x MRD-M501 – AccuClass-D V12 Digital Mono Power Amplifiers
  • 1x MRV-F540 – V12 4-Channel Power Amplifiers
  • 3x SPX-137R – Type-X Component Speakers
  • 4x SPX-17MB – Type-X Component Speakers
  • 2x SWX-1242D – Type-X Subwoofers
  • 1x X-Box Gaming System