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(UK) Passat CC GT

All too often, car audio show cars are just that - show cars. They may be very pretty; they may be very loud - but it is rare to find a car that truly looks and sounds great.

At Alpine, we set a goal with the new show car: to look amazing, be loud, yet provide an audiophile sound experience inside.


The Car:

2009 Volkswagen Passat CC 2.0 TDI GT in Shadow Blue Metallic with 18" Alloy Wheels. Fitted with a subtle colour co-ordinated body kit consisting of a front spoiler, tail spoiler and side skirts. Interior trimmed in Black and Oatmeal Nappa leather.


The Equipment:

2010 proved to be an excellent year in terms of new products, as we launched the revolutionary INE-S900R 2-Din navigation unit, Award winning 2nd Generation PDX amplifiers, and 4th Generation of the legendary Type-R subwoofers. Mix this with the top of the range SPX-PRO speakers and you have the ingredients of a truly awesome system.


Build-in Products:

  • 1 x INE-S900R
  • 2 x PDX-M12 – Amplifiers
  • 1 x SPX-17PRO – Speakers
  • 1 x SPG-17CS – Speakers
  • 1 x SPR-17C2 – Speakers (on the boot lid)
  • 4 x SWR-1023D – Subwoofers
  • 1 x TUE-T150DV – Digital TV Tuner
  • 1 x KCE-635UB – USB Video Interface
  • 1 x HCE-C200R/200F – Front and Rear Cameras
  • 2 x TME-M780 – Headrest Monitors
  • 1 x PKG-1000P – Roof Monitor (modified to fit the boot lid)
  • 1 x APF-D100VW Stalk and Display Interface
  • 1 x APF-F291320 – Fascia Adapter
  • 1 x RUX-KNOB – Bass Control Knob


Steve Lem of LemTech in Oxford carried out the installation as he has a passion for creating incredible audio installs. Time was spent on the speaker locations on the front doors, with particular attention paid to the tweeters. Two Monoblock PDX amps run two Type-R subs each, while a single PDX four channel amp runs the front components. These are Bi-amped, so the tweeter and mids receive a channel each (150W RMS so plenty of power!), while the second Four channel drives the bootlid speakers and the components in the rear doors. There is a bootlid monitor and headrest monitors which are connected to a KCE-635UB USB interface, DVB TV tuner and the Front headunit. The LED illumination and Alpine door trims have to be seen in real life to truly appreciate it. Keep a lookout for the Alpine Passat CC at various shows and dealer events throughout the year.  You can also check out the video on this page!