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Our all-new democar yet proofs it again: small things can be very big. We created a Renault Clio RS with our small yet powerful V-Power amps and Type-G subs and speakers. This combination is the synonym for “powerful yet affordable”. All audio settings are done with the Alpine TuneIt App and can be downloaded by yourself from the cloud within the app.

Build-in Products:

  • 1x CDE-178BT
  • 1x MRV-F300
  • 2x MRV-M500
  • 1x RUX-KNOB
  • 1x SPG-17CS
  • 2x SWG-1044
  • 2x TME-S370
  • 2x KCE-635UB

Partner firms:

  • Recaro
  • KW automotive
  • OZ racing
  • Pirelli
  • CFC CarFilmComponents

Download System Diagram (PDF 322 KB)