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Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander has the most expensive and most audiophile ALPINE audio components installed.

The core of the Alpine sound system is the legendary F#1 status DVI-9990 Headunit. Right above the radio station there is an INE-S900R installed. It combines the features of a very good navigation and the possibility to use Bluetooth and the very useful rear cameras.

Outlander is a very unique and special car in Europe and surely the only car in Poland that has installed two PXA-H990 processors. With this solution, there is enough power to for all the 16 channels at the highest level.

The current Alpine PDX amplifiers in combination with four SWR subwoofers makes you experience a completely new level of sound enjoyment. This unique setup will let you feel to be in the middle of a concert hall within a few seconds.

This outstanding sound quality was possible by installing a F#1 Status SPX-Z18T system in the front of the car. Comparing to other competitors the high-end Alpine products are really a class of its own and could so far not been surpassed by any another brand.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is also a perfect solution for all the passengers. With its 10-inch PKG-2100P display and installed SPX-17PRO speakers, a nice and enjoyable rear seat entertainment is surely guaranteed.

The extremely beautiful and artistically airbrush painting, with the huge chrome wheels and an unusual dark interior trunk makes the Outlander a very unique car that will impress wherever it is seen!


Build-in Products:

  • 1x DVI-9990R – DVD Audio/CD Tuner
  • 2x PXI-H990 – Multimedia Manager™ 
  • 1x INE-S900R – Advanced Navi Station
  • 1x SPX-Z18T – 3-Way Component Speaker Set
  • 2x SPX-17Pro – 2x 6-1/2"(16.5cm) Component 2-Way Speaker
  • 3x PDX-F6 4/3/2 – Channel Power Density Digital Amplifier
  • 2x PDX-M12 – Mono Power Density Digital Amplifier
  • 4x SWR-1022D – 10" (25cm) Subwoofer
  • 1x PKG-2100P – Wide Screen Overhead Monitor
  • 2x SHS-N103 – IR Headphone
  • 1x TUE-T200DVB – Mobile Digital TV Reveiver (DVB-T)
  • 1x HCE-C200F – Multi-view front camera expansion Kit
  • 1x HCE-C200R – Multi-view rear camera system


Download System Diagram (PDF 623KB)