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Honda Civic Type R “Full-Speed” (Denmark)

Unlimited Speed

Race drivers and iPod enthusiasts will love this. The Alpine demo car is fast and
enables perfect MP3 enjoyment from your iPod. Ultra-fast data transfer is just a cable connection away. Full speed ahead!
The Alpine installation team took 1,500 hours to transform the original Honda Civic to become a wild and speedy demo car. The exterior and interior looks fantastic!
The exterior turns heads with its professional racing design. The Alpine installation team decided to go for an exclusive airbrush finish giving a glass shattered effect in a 3 dimensional silver colour. It underlines the racing character of the demo car.
The interior is equipped for the car audio enthusiast. You can bring your iPod along for the ride. The single cable allows easy connection, giving you high-speed data transfer and full audio enjoyment.


Build-in Products:

  • 1x IVA-W200Ri – Multimedia Station
  • 1x PXA-H701 – Sound Prozessor
  • 1x DVA-9965R – DVD-Headunit
  • 1x TUE-T200DVB – DVB-T Tuner
  • 1x DHA-S680P – DVD-Changer
  • 2x TME-770S – 7“ Touch screen Monitor
  • 1x VPE-S431 – Expansion Box for rear seat Entertainment
  • 1x iPod nano – MP 3 Player
  • 1x HCE-C100 – Camera for rear view
  • 1x SPR-17LS – 6“ Speaker
  • 4x TME-M760 – Touchscreen Monitor
  • 2x SWR-1042D – 10“ Subwoofer
  • 4x SWR1542D – 15“ Subwoofer
  • 2x SPR-17LS – 6“ Speaker
  • 6x PDX-1.1000 – Mono Amplifier
  • 5x PDX-2.150 – 2 Channel Amplifier
  • 3x DVE-5207 – DVD Player
  • 2x TME-M860 – 8“ Touchscreen Monitor


Download System Diagram (PDF 130KB)

Partner firms:

  • Eibach Springs GmbH – Coil-overs
  • FOLIATEC Böhm GmbH & Co Vertriebs KG – Brake caliper paint
  • OZ Deutschland GmbH – OZ Michelangelo IIPL, VA+HA 8,5x20
  • TOYO Tires Europe GmbH – Proxess T1-R, VA+HA 235/30R20